Publication summary

SARS-CoV-2 has bought about a step change in global microbial pathogen surveillance by highlighting the potential and capacity for genomics to deliver actionable information in real time. The time has now come to build on and deliver the use cases for combating AMR. SEDRIC convened a working group to evaluate and develop recommendations for the future use of genomics for AMR surveillance. This Executive Summary outlines key recommendations from the working group. Full list of authors: Professor Kate Baker (Co-lead) (group lead) Dr Elita Jauneikaite (Co-lead) (group lead) Professor Sharon Peacock Professor Nicholas Feasey Jamie Nunn Professor Rifat Atun Dr Kamani Walia Professor Ben Howden Dr Heather Tate Professor Iruka Okeke Professor Alessandra Caratolli Associate Professor Li Yang Hsu Dr Katie Hopkins Dr Dishon Muloi Dr Nicole Wheeler Professor Kat Holt Professor Rene Hendriksson Professor Sabiha Essack Dr Beverly Egyir Dr Duncan MacCannell Dr Padmini Srikanthia Dr Alison Laufer Halpin Dr David Aanensen Dr Simon Harris Dr. Randall Hayden, Prof. Rogier Van Doorn, Dr. James Price, Dr. Rowlinson Marie Claire, Prof. Vitali Sinchenko, Dr. James Hatcher, Dr Daniela Maria Cirillo, Dr. Uduak Okomo, Mirfin Mpundu, Dr Silvia Agrimon, Dr Josefina Campos, Dr Matt Holden, Dr Margaret Ip, Dr Catrin Moore, Prof. Dorothy Yeboah – Manu, Dr. Sam Kariuki, Dr. Claire Jenkins, Dr Daniel Amoako, Dr Alejandro Petroni, Dr. Lillian Musila, Dr Stephanie Lo, Dr Maria Getino, Dr Mark Holmes, Dr Martin Antonio, Dr Johan Bengstsson-Palme, Dr Sam Kariuki, Dr Joshua Mbanga, Dr Luther King Abia Akebe, Dr Alison Mather, Dr Felipe Colon Gonzalez, Dr Elena Baez, Dr Luria Leslie Founou, Dr Muna Anjum, Dr. Muhammad Farooq Tahir, Dr David Singleton, Dr Nicola Williams, Professor Stuart Reid, Dr William Gaze, Dr Stefan Schwarz, Dr Dorcas Fatoba, Dr Ruth Zadoks, Dr Carlos Bezuidenhout, Dr Lawrence Mugisha, Dr Adrian Cookson, Dr Deb Williamson, Dr Josephine Bryant, Dr Gregorio Iraola, Dr Emmanuel BenYeogor, Dr Niranjan Nagarajan, Dr Edward Cunningham-Oakes, Dr Lindsay Hall, Dr Soren Wacker, Dr Frank Moeller Aestraup, Dr Oon Tek Ng, Dr Niti B Jadeja, Dr Nicole Stoesser, Dr Steve Paterson, Dr Matthew Wade, Dr Vivien Price, Dr Xavier Didelot, Dr Bilal Mateen, Dr Gwen. Knight, Dr Leonid Chindelevitch, Dr John Lees, Dr Stephanie Lo, Dr Bruno Gonzalez-Zorn, Dr Tong Zhang, Dr Muna Anjum, Dr Sally Partirige, Dr Andreas Kellar, Dr John Nash, Dr Kara Tsang

Who this is for

  • Policy makers
  • Industry
  • Researchers
  • Health deliverers

Key findings

  • Build Capacity, including hub and spoke models
  • Harmonise and standardise surveillance
  • Define a framework for use at all levels