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What have we learned from our first Working Group?

Robust clinical and microbiology data are key to quantify the burden of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and help us deliver better treatment options for patients. Yet, their availability is still limited, especially in low-and middle- income countries (LMIC). SEDRIC’s first working group launched a global survey in a bid to identify the barriers that doctors encounter […]
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We are collecting data to understand the clinical unmet needs in antibiotic prescribing globally.

If you are a healthcare worker who prescribes antimicrobial agents, please complete the below survey 👇

With global action and global data, we can combat AMR.

I will be joining @AMResistance, @Wellcome_AMR, @CDCgov, @UTAustinASM, @SEDRICThinkTank & @CIDRAP_ASP on Thursday at 14:00 BST for this exciting webinar on new global strategies for tackling AMR.

New webinar series - AMR in the Light of Covid - co-hosted by @Wellcome_AMR, @AMResistance, @CDCgov, @UTAustinASM,& @SEDRICThinkTank @CIDRAP_ASP.

1st event = 24th Sept on global spread of microorganisms.

Series details and registration links 👇