Terms of Reference of the SEDRIC Membership

SEDRIC’S Mission and Structure

SEDRIC is a network of experts supported by Wellcome as a direct activity, and aiming to:

  • Provide information to Wellcome’s Drug-resistant Infections Priority Area about the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) epidemiology and surveillance landscape, and identify priorities for the global AMR landscape; and 
  • Commit to data sharing and collaborative working to support the creation of a common framework in epidemiology and surveillance and the uptake of common and sustainable best practices.

SEDRIC is initially established for a period of 4 years, reviewed every 2 years. 

SEDRIC is led by a Board (the “Board”). The Board comprises a chairperson (the “Chair”), a Secretariat and a minimum of 8 Board members, who are appointed by the Head of Wellcome’s Drug-resistant Infection Programme.

Terms of Membership and Code of Conduct

Applications are accepted from individuals and organisations

The membership will last for the lifetime of the Consortium. The SEDRIC Board and Wellcome may revoke membership at any time by informing in writing the Member. 

Members may rescind their Membership at any time by informing the Secretariat in writing.

Members may use the SEDRIC logo to advertise SEDRIC related activities on their website or social media. If they wish to do so, they should inform in writing the Secretariat. 

Members will be acknowledged on the SEDRIC website after membership is approved. If Members prefer not to appear on the SEDRIC website, they should inform the Secretariat within one week of their application being approved.

Upon becoming a Member, Members will be expected to actively contribute to the SEDRIC mission for instance through the following activities:

  • Participate in activities undertaken by SEDRIC, including the development and writing of reviews, opinion pieces, Working Groups, and commissioned work.
  • Provide connectivity with key stakeholders, including the UK Department of Health, WHO, CDC, ECDC and PHE, FAO, OIE, Gates Foundation and National Governments.
  • Support the delivery of the Drug-Resistant Infection Programme by serving as an advisor for Drug Resistant-Infections activities when appropriate
  • Attend the annual invitation-only SEDRIC meeting. 
  • Attend Board Meetings as observers by invitation from the Secretariat or Chair of the SEDRIC Board

It is not envisaged that Members will access confidential information through SEDRIC. Where confidential information is accessed through engagement with SEDRIC (whether written or otherwise), Members are expected to hold such information as confidential at all times and only use such information in the promotion of SEDRIC activities. 

Where Members find that they have, or may be perceived to have, conflicts of interest arising from engagement with SEDRIC, the member will promptly disclose this to the Secretariat who will determine whether there is a conflict and how this should be managed. 

Wellcome shall have the right to update these terms of reference from time to time in its sole discretion.

Wellcome makes warranties or representations in relation to SEDRIC, and shall have no liability to any Member or proposed Member.