Members of the Board met in London at the beginning of October.  Here are a few activities that were discussed and might be further explored in the next coming months.

  • Data Standards and Harmonisation

The Board brought together key stakeholders such as the Fleming Fund, US-CDC, ECDC, Africa-CDC to discuss how best to support AMR surveillance efforts globally to improve the standardisation of data and the usefulness of their surveillance.  A report will be published on the website with actions and next steps following this meeting.

  • Blood Culture sampling

Blood culture are an important tool to inform the treatment of the most seriously ill patients and provides estimates of resistance for a range of important bacterial pathogens, yet they are not routinely performed. We are looking to explore barriers and facilitators to blood culture sampling in low middle-income countries. Our Board member Direk Limmathurotsakul is currently leading on this work. More details will be available soon.

  •  One Health

The board acknowledged that thus far SEDRIC focus has been primarily on human health. However recognising the role that animal and environment can have on human health is key to achieve our consortium goals. Following on from discussions at the  global meeting it was noted that key One Health activities, such as antimicrobial usage in animals, should be discussed at our next Board meeting in January.