SEDRIC logo on purple background

Today marks the launch of our website and brand, and the start of a new chapter for SEDRIC. As the global fight against drug-resistant infections continues, it’s more important than ever for our community to have a home.

Goals of the launch

Our website and brand identity launch achieves several important goals. Firstly, it means that we have our own unique web presence. Where previously we could only be found on a page of the Wellcome website, SEDRIC now has a proper home online.

Secondly, the new website will allow us to connect with new members and serve our existing ones better. By aiding collaboration and sharing valuable information, we can help the AMR community to go further in tackling antimicrobial resistance.

Understanding our audiences

It was important for us to build the website around the needs of our visitors, members, and the wider scientific community. Collaborating with digital agency Bit Zesty, we conducted preliminary research to determine what expectations these audiences had from SEDRIC.

In addition to holding workshops with our core team, we conducted telephone interviews with eight SEDRIC members. Everyone was invited to share their perspectives on what they want from the website, and on how they view SEDRIC and its values. This helped to inform both the branding and website design processes.

Building a brand that represents us

The finished visual identity includes colours chosen to have global appeal, and which also reflect the brand’s personality. For example, the purple represents the value of credibility that was identified in the workshops.

Our logo is based around the concept of a broken pill, with the two sides loosely creating an ‘s’ shape. This reflects our focus on drug-resistance infections, while creating a flexible, dynamic graphic that can be used in all our communications. 

Fine-tuning the website to audience needs

Following the research and branding phase, we designed the site to meet various audience needs. For example, after learning that members wanted to receive updates from SEDRIC, we added a newsletter signup form. To meet the need for greater collaboration opportunities, we included a searchable member directory.

To optimise the site further, we tested the initial designs with our members. This allowed us to make improvements based on feedback from the kinds of people who would use the finished site.

Core website features

The new website has been built to serve members, visitors, and the wider AMR community, while also being simple and easy to navigate.

  • Information about SEDRIC. Information about SEDRIC is easily accessible on the site, along with our published works and working groups.
  • Membership application. Visitors can use a simple form to apply for membership with a few clicks.
  • Networking and collaboration. Members can use the site to express interest about our current working group, and view other member profiles in order to make new connections.
  • SEDRIC updates. Our news section, newsletter signup and integrated Twitter feed make it easy to keep up with all things SEDRIC. 

Let us know what you think!

We’d love to hear your feedback. You can also help SEDRIC by sharing the website with contacts who’d be interested through Twitter.